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The following links offer a large variety of resources to help with your planning and recovery. The information here is more general than in the Library.
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General Information/Planning Tools | Disaster-specific Information | Employee Involvement | Products and Services

General Information and Planning Tools

Set Up for Remote-Work Access”: Team ArtsReady (2015).

What is a "Readiness Plan”: Team ArtsReady (2014).

Risk Assessment: (2014).

Recovery Plan Drill: Table Top Exercise: (2014).

Checklist for Conducting Readiness, Response and Recovery Planning : Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (2014).

Florida Division of Emergency Management: (2014).

Get a Game Plan: Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (2014).

Tools and Resources to Prepare for any Emergency: South Carolina Arts Commission (2013).

Working with Your Local Emergency Responders: Heritage Preservation (2015).

Emergency Preparedness Plan: Mississippi Arts Commission (2013).

Guide for Developing High-Quality Emergency Operations Plans for Institutions of Higher Education: Prepared by FEMA for the U.S. Department of Education (2013).

Ready Georgia App Helps Before and During Emergencies: Available on iTunes and Google Play (2014).

Heritage Emergency Planning and Preparedness: Heritage Preservation – The National Institute for Conservation (2014).

What’s Your Sustainability IQ?: Ezine Non-Profit (2014).

Risk Management Best Practices: American Association of Museums (2013).

Finding a Continuity Consultant Near You:Continuity Compliance (2014).

Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity Guide: The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (2013)

Disaster Safety Review: The Institute for Business Home and Safety (2013).

Disaster-specific Information

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: (2014).

Hurricanes – Before, During, After, Training, and Resources: (2014).

Tornado Preparedness Checklist: (2014).

Tornadoes – Before, During, and After Tips: (2014).

Wildfire Preparedness Checklist: (2014).

Wildfires – Before, During, After, and Resources: (2014).

Earthquake Preparedness Checklist: (2014).

Floods – Before, During, and After Tips: (2014).

Flood Preparedness Checklist: (2014).

Cyber Attacks- Before, During, After, and Resources: (2014).

Tornado Protection, Preparation, Response and Recovery: Travelers Insurance (2014).

Storm Prediction System: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (2014).

Planning for a Hurricane: An Overview for Arts Groups Arts and Business Council of Miami (2014).

Severe Weather Events Calendar: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (2014).

Active Shooter Response Guide: Department of Homeland Security (2008).

All Hazards Resources to Help Prepare: Iowa State University (2014).

Earthquakes – Practice How to Drop Cover and Hold On: The Great Central U.S. Shakeout (2014).

Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety: Emergency Survival Program. (2014).

Products and Services

Fractured Atlas: Premium ArtsReady Members get a free associate membership with services, including affordable health, liability and property insurance options. Find out more (2013).

The Studio Protector: Designed for craft and visual artists, the Studio Protector has two components to help build a plan that will protect one’s studio practice: 1) a calendar-sized wall chart with wheel charts and pull-out booklets and 2) an online guide (2013).

Disaster Response Salvage Wheel and Field Guide: For sale from $12.95 and up by Heritage Preservation (2013).


Advice and Aid | Artists’ Relief | Lessons Learned

Advice and Aid

Emergency Support Program: The Joan Mitchell Foundation (2015).

Disaster Assistance for Libraries, Archives and Historical Institutions: Western States and Territories Preservation Assistance Service (2013).

Healing Newtown: Newtown Cultural Arts Commission (2013).

Emergency Conservation Resources: MOMA NY (2013).

Disaster Grants: Council on Foundations (2013).

Emergency Grants: Foundation for Contemporary Arts (2013).

Recovery Resources: Grantmakers in the Arts (2013).

Essential Guidelines for Arts Responders: National Coalition for Arts Preparedness and Emergency Response (2015).

Emergency National Task Force Information on Major Disasters: Heritage Preservation (2013).

Post-flood Emergency Stabilization and Conservation Measures: US National Park Service (2013).

Clean-up, Salvage and eSalvage Best Practices for Artist: Craft Emergency Relief Fund/Artists’ Emergency Resources (CERF+) (2013).

Flood Recovery Tips and Resources: American Institute for Conservation 24-hour help line (2010).

Guides to Preparation and Response for Cultural Institutions: National Trust for Historic Preservation (2013).

Guide to Navigating FEMA and SBA Disaster Aid: Heritage Preservation (2012).

Guide to Coping with Water Damage: Heritage Preservation (2010).

Guide to Coping with Soot Damage: Heritage Preservation (2010).

Salvage Procedures for Wet Items: Minnesota Historical Society (2011).

Emergency Resources: New York Foundation for the Arts (2013).

Disaster Loans and SBA Centers: Small Business Administration (2011).

For Artists: Funding for Emergency Relief

Emergency Aid and Relief for the Performing Artist: Episcopal Actors Guild of America (2011).

Assistance Guidelines and Application for Freelance Artist: The Haven Foundation (2013).

Emergency Financial Assistance: Artists’ Fellowship, Inc (2013).

Social Services and Financial Assistance : Actor’s Fund Emergency Resources: (2011).

Craft and Other Visual Artists’ Emergency Resources: Craft Emergency Relief Fund/Artists’ Emergency Resources (CERF+) (2011).

Emergency Grants: Joan Mitchell Foundation (2013).

Emergency Funds for Artists Producing Contemporary Work: Foundation for the Contemporary Arts (2011).

Grants for Visual Artists: Gottlieb Foundation (2011).

Emergency Funds for Writers and Publishers: Haven Foundation (2013).

Emergency Funds for Low-Income Workers/Artists: Pollack-Krasner Foundation (2011).

Lessons Learned

Super-storm Sandy: Agility Recovery (2013).

Nashville Flood,Reflections a Year Later: Tennessee Arts Commission (2013).

Barnum Museum Tornado: Team ArtsReady (2011).

Keeping A Dance Career Alive in Challenging Economic Times : Grantmakers in the Arts (2009).

For Public Arts Agencies:

The 3 Most Effective Crisis Communication Strategies: Purdue University (2017).

Essential Guidelines for Arts Responders: National Coalition for Arts Preparedness and Emergency Response (2015).

Nashville Flood,Reflections a Year Later: Tennessee Arts Commission (2013).

“What is Readiness” and “12 Steps” Handouts:Team ArtsReady (2013).

When Disaster Strikes: Federal Funding for Cultural Organizations. : SouNational Endowment for the Arts (2013).

Post-Gulf Oil Spill Assessment:Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation (2013).

Tools for Arts Preparedness, Response, and Recovery: National Endowment for the Arts : (2013).

Sample Emergency Preparedness Plan: Mississippi Arts Commission (2013).

Sample Emergency Grants Application: Joan Mitchell Foundation (2013).

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