In a Nutshell: How ArtsReady works

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To achieve custom business continuity plans ArtsReady guides Premium Member organizations take advantage of 4 features of the application…

Assess —In an hour or less a high-level member of your organization review and respond to a series of readiness statements. In reading the statements she will decide how prepared your organization is in relation to the statement and how important it is to your organization. The assessment runs through key critical functions for an arts organization. From people resources, to grantmaking, to technology, to performances, you decide what is included in your plan based on what your organization does. By considering vital functions and resources, ArtsReady guides you through an “all hazards” readiness approach, so your plan covers what you do and what you use everyday rather than only considering all the things that could go wrong.

To-Do List —From the Assessment, ArtsReady automatically produces a To-Do list to get your organization’s preparedness plan in gear. From here, your planning can be self-paced to work within your organization’s time table. You are able to assign the To-Dos to members of your staff, set deadlines, and track progress for each item. Those assigned tasks will receive notification from the system and reminders when the To-Do is due for completion.

Critical Stuff —Many To-Do items will suggest that your organization upload files into its Critical Stuff section. Similar to a virtual safety deposit box, Critical Stuff is ultra-secure cloud-based storage designed to hold your most vital organizational files. From insurance policies to passwords to contact lists, everything you may need in the event of an emergency will be available to you from any internet-based device anywhere, anytime. Plus, thanks to the reminders set by the To-do function, you’ll always know that those files are as up-to-date as possible!

Battle Buddy Network —When a crisis hits, all of us could use a hand. That’s what the Battle Buddy Network is for. During calm times, ArtsReady guides you through developing relationships with sister organizations so you can respond to each other in times of need. Then, when a problem does arise, you use ArtsReady to make a distress call, notifying these Battle Buddies and informing them of your problem. You can list resources you need and track your issue through a Crisis Console so the story is told once and your Buddies can spring into action on your behalf. If your Buddy is in crisis, you can respond to them through the Lend a Hand feature, offering your own resources and help as needed.

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