About the ArtsReady Team

Mollie Quinlan-Hayes, ArtsReady Director
Mollie led the development of ArtsReady with former team member Hannah Leatherbury shortly after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. She has served as South Arts’ Deputy Director since 2006, where she works with all programs, the board, member state arts agencies and other partners to build a better South through the arts. She has served as a speaker/panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts and numerous state arts councils. Mollie worked for the Arizona Commission on the Arts for 14 years, was a founding board member of Alliance for Audience/ShowUp.com, and of ARTability/Accessing Arizona‚Äôs Arts. Mollie is a facilitator/consultant in strategic planning and participation-building, has been a professional audio describer, and is trained in Critical Response. In Atlanta she creates glass sculpture and jewelry as Southern Flameworks. She is a member of Alternate ROOTS and has a daughter, Chandra Lakin.

Other South Arts staff that play key roles in the ArtsReady initiative include:

Susie Surkamer, Executive Director, South Arts
Ivan Schustak, Director of Communications, South Arts

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ArtsReady is a
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South Arts