National Alliance for Musical Theatre gets ArtsReady

“When I saw a panel about ArtsReady at a conference I attended this summer, I immediately wanted to help bring their services to NAMT members… As a former stage manager and natural planner, this whole concept appealed to me deeply. Prepare for any eventuality, even the ones you don’t want to think about! Only then will you be able to properly come back from the brink if, heaven forbid, tragedy strikes. ArtsReady provides an easy-to-use service for getting everything you need in the event of an emergency all in one place…because you never know!”
– Adam Grosswirth, Membership Director, National Alliance for Musical Theatre

The National Alliance for Musical Theatre has partnered with ArtsReady to bring the ArtsReady online business continuity, readiness and sustainability planning tool to its members at a 50% discount allowing organizations to join ArtsReady for just $150 for their first year. Get your readiness plan started today – use discount code namtsub15 when you enroll.

The ArtsReady tool bolsters your sustainability with features including risk assessment, a self-paced action plan, cloud-based critical data storage, and a Battle Buddy Network for proxy support from other arts organizations, and more. To learn more about this and other benefits to attending the NAMT conference, please visit

Watch the video tour of Arts Ready; go here for text version.

Become a leader in this vital, national movement toward readiness in the arts community.

For more information about ArtsReady’s Membership Benefits, contact Mollie Quinlan-Hayes at 404-874-7244 x31.

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