Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs

“Here in Miami we have had our share of getting ready for hurricanes and faced the daunting prospect of getting back to business as quickly as possible in the aftermath of the storm. However, arts organizations and artists are more likely to be harmed by an individual crisis – a theft, a public relations issue, a fire, a data loss – and we must be equally prepared to withstand these emergencies. Tragically, we also have seen that American communities can be ravaged by criminal acts. The Department has partnered with ArtsReady to help our entire arts community become responsibly prepared, more resilient and better able to resume our important work, in the face of any challenge.”

Michael Spring – Director, Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs

Exclusive Offer for Miami-Dade County Arts Organizations

The Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs have partnered with ArtsReady to bring the ArtsReady online business continuity, readiness and sustainability planning tool to its members at an 83% discount. Florida-based arts organizations can join ArtsReady for just $50 for their first year.

Watch a five-minute tour of the ArtsReady online tour go here for text version.

ArtsReady bolsters your sustainability with features including risk assessment, a self-paced action plan, cloud-based critical data storage, and a Battle Buddy Network for proxy support from other arts organizations, and more. Get your readiness plan started today: Florida-based organizations can use discount code flsub14 when you enroll to activate your exclusive discount.

Take this critical leadership step today. Join ArtsReady. Keep your doors open. No matter what.

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