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The To-Do List is a series of tasks that you or the ArtsReady system has created that must be performed to develop and maintain your organization’s fully comprehensive and customized readiness plan.

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To-Do List

The To-Do List is a series of tasks that you or the ArtsReady system has created that will help you develop and maintain your organization’s comprehensive and customized plan. Like the Assessment, it is organized based on the nine critical functions of the ArtsReady tool. Under each critical function is a listing of Actions and corresponding Items. Combined each action and item creates a sentence that states the task what should be completed to develop your organizational plan. These tasks can be assigned to a user, assigned a due date, and have the priority level adjusted on the List page.

This List can be printed or saved in its current state to a hard drive by using the “Export” feature at the top right of the page. When selected, ArtsReady produces a single .csv file with all of the To-Do Items from each critical function as they appear on the table.

To-Do Items from the Assessment

The majority of the To-Do List ports in directly from your Assessment. How your organization answered the Assessment statement’s preparedness levels sets how the Action appears initially. Thereafter, the Action can be changed by staff to track progress via the To-Do Detail page (see below). The Action is a verb that starts the “sentence” for each Item description. The Actions are:

Action Preparedness Level Meaning
Review Ready Evaluate the To-Do Item to ensure that all the information is correct and up to date. This can also be used to re-assign the Item to a manager for approval of a job completed.
Work On Needs work Further action toward completing this item is required.
Start Not ready No action toward completing this item has been taken.
Learn About Unknown Research is required before work toward completing this item can be taken.
You’re Done With NA/ Complete* All tasks associated with this item have been completed and your organization is officially ready!

*Note: “Complete” can only be achieved by going to the To-Do Item page. See below for details.

Some Assessment items create multiple To-Do Items. You can change the Priority accordingly but the Action can only be changed by addressing and completing the task. To-Do items are sorted by Critical Function corresponding to its Assessment origin.

Your To-Do Items

When you are considering your To-Do List, you may think of something vital or specific to your organization that must be taken care of as part of your custom readiness plan. At the bottom of each Assessment section and at the bottom of the To-Do List, you will see the blank bar “Add another Item”. There you can write a To-Do just for your organization. Then you can assign, sort, and label accordingly. When you are done, hit the “Add” button and the custom Item will feed automatically into the critical function section you have selected.

Automatic To-Dos

Adding a second user is an automatic Item in the ArtsReady system because it is universally important. To fulfill this key requirement:
1. Go to “Settings” on the top right of your screen.
2. Choose the tab “Our Team”
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and using the “Add another user” block to add a team member by entering their info and clicking the green “add” button
4. The new team member will receive an automatic email welcoming them to ArtsReady
5. You can now mark this To-Do as Complete!

Re-Assessing your organization’s preparedness is another automatic Item in the ArtsReady system. One year from the completion date of your last Assessment it will crop up, notifying your ArtsReady managers of the task at hand. By re-doing this portion of ArtsReady annually you ensure that your organization’s readiness planning remains as up-to-date as possible and that it accounts for any changes you may have undergone in the past year.

To complete your reassessment visit the Assess page from your Dashboard. At the top left of the screen you will see a red and grey, “Archive and re-assess” button. When you click the button, the Readiness Assessment will reset, bringing you to the first page where you can once again note which of the six optional critical functions apply to your organization. You can then make your choices, and flow through the rest of assessment process (visit the Assessment Help Page to review how it works). When you start your new Assessment, your previous year’s version converts automatically into a .csv file saved under your “Settings” on the “Completed assessments” tab, so you can re-examine it at anytime.
Once you are finished reassessing your organization, mark the automatic To-Do as “Completed” by visiting its detail page.

Assigning To-Do Items to your Team and Providing Due Dates

Each item in the To-Do list should be assigned to a member of your organization’s ArtsReady team and given a due date to ensure that all of the tasks for your plan actually get done! Once that is established the assigned team member will get an automatic email notifying them of the assigned task. Then, if the Item hasn’t been completed two days prior to the due date, the member will get a reminder of the task from the system. The Item will also appear on the organizational Dashboard under the “My Most Urgent To-Dos” section.

On your To-Do List you can make your assignments by selecting a team member from the drop down list under “Assigned to.” This list is populated by the ArtsReady team members that have been entered for your organization under its “Settings.” Choose the due date by clicking the calendar icon and choosing a date for completion.

To-Do Item Page

When you are ready to address a To-Do Item on the main list, select the red “Detail” button beside it. That will lead you to the To-Do Item page. If an Item appears on your Dashboard, selecting its hyperlink also leads to this page. On the Item page you will see all of the information related to the task at hand. At the top of the page you will see the Action, which can be changed using the provided drop down box; and the Item description. Below the description and Action you can see and change to whom the Item is assigned, when it is due, and the priority level of the Item.

Also below the To-Do Item and action, to the left of the screen there is the “Log Your Progress Section” This section documents every change made to the Item since its creation. If you wish to add a note to the log, simply enter text in the box at the bottom of the log and click the red “Save to log” hyperlink.

You can also link articles to the To-Do Item via the log by selecting the “Add an article” hyperlink. Appearing just below the “Save to Log” hyperlink you will see the “Add an Article” hyperlink. An “article” can be any formatted document, link or plain text related to the completion of this To-Do item. Articles can be a reference (like linking an article about protecting paper artifacts for a To-Do about protecting your exhibit items), or the article can be something for your Critical Stuff that is directly related to the Item (like a .pdf of your flood insurance policy for your To-Do about access to insurance policies). Once submitted, articles appear as hyperlinks in the log. Thereafter, each time the article is updated or revised, the change is recording in the log as a new link.

Also on the To-Do Item page, at the bottom right, you will find the section entitled “From the Assessment Statement’ which displays the original Assessment statement from which the To-Do Item derived. You will also see the “Learn More” text which contains helpful hints and possibly hyperlinked research material designed to guide you through completing the Item.

Below the statement and Learn More sections, you will find the “Research this” button which will take you to the Readiness Library. Use the Library to read articles, view examples, and find tips from the ArtsReady community related to the task.

Completing a To-Do

To the right of the screen, there is the check box to mark the To Do Item as Completed. Selecting the “Complete?” box will indicate that the Item has been successfully and comprehensively finished. When you check this box, click the “Save and return to list” option at the bottom of the page to record your changes. You will return to the main To-Do List, and the Item will drop to the bottom of the list. The “Detail” button will turn green, and the Action will state “You’re done with”. If you choose the green “Detail” button, the Action at the top of the Item page will still show the last Action required. The “Complete?” box, however, will remain checked.

Once you are doing making any other changes to the To-Do Item page, click on the red “Save and return to list” button to update the To-Do Item.

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