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The Library is a vast resource of articles related to readiness and recovery. Articles within the Library can be Public (viewable to the entire ArtsReady community, Premium and Basic Members alike), or Private (only viewable to your organization). Premium Members are able to upload articles to the Library and comment on the Public submissions of others. Basic Members can view Public submissions to learn about business continuity and help with their own readiness planning.

Critical Stuff

Often as you are completing an item on your To-Do list, you will be prompted to upload an article to your Critical Stuff. Critical Stuff is like your safety deposit box. It is where your most vital articles that you may need in an emergency go so you will always know where they are, and you can access them at anytime from any internet-ready device. This is a key component to achieving organizational readiness.

Critical Stuff should be reserved for your most vital files so they can be accessed easily and quickly. These files will be denoted by a green ballon symbol with a “C” in the middle, to note its critical nature in the Library. If you are uploading a renewed copy of a key item, we recommend that you edit the old version rather than uploading a new one to avoid confusing duplicate copies. Maintaining a clean and easliy accessible listing will make your response to the unexpected faster and smoother.

Watch a Tutorial: Maintaining that Critical Stuff

Uploading Articles

When you are uploading an article to ArtsReady, you are required to provide a title, and short description of the item. You will also be asked to select a Critical Function which will allow the article to be searchable and sorted related to the key elements for arts organizations. You may also assign tags related to the subject the article addresses for more specific searches.

Articles can be files uploaded from your hard drive, like a pdf of your insurance policy, a doc of your communication plan, or a jpg of your facility. An article can also be a select url link that, for example, leads to your board list on your website or provides access to your online database. Or you can make an article by typing text directly into the provided body field. This kind of article may be useful if you want to make a quick listing or set of instructions (like writing out your serial numbers for your software or the contact information for the best maintenance crew in your area). Direct text can be formatted with textile syntax or basic html. You can also use the large body field to describe an article with an associated file and/or link.

When uploading articles you have several options and levels of security that you can select.

PUBLIC Viewable to the whole ArtsReady Community in the Library Premium Members are welcome to comment on these
PRIVATE In the Library but viewable only to your organization Available to all of your ArtsReady team members
EXECUTIVE A step above Private articles; viewable only to Managers and those with Executive privileges on your ArtsReady team Reserved for sensitive files that should only be viewed by top staff at your organization

Sharing within your Battle Buddy Network

Once you have established your organizational Battle Buddy Network you may want to share articles with select sister organizations in advance of or during a crisis. This is so your Battle Buddy can act as your proxy should you need outside assistance. Examples of items you may want to share are contact lists or communication plans, so the Battle Buddy can speak on behalf of your organization if called upon to do so. Choosing “All Battle Buddies” allows your entire Network the ability to access the document. Using “Specific Battle Buddies” lets you choose from your list of Buddies.

In your file library, these files will be denoted by a red ballon symbol, the same used on the Battle Buddy feature to help note buddies on the map. Taking note of these files will be especially important during times of crisis. Be sure to communicate with your Battle Buddy about the document you have shared and what its purpose is in your readiness plan, so your Buddy is adequately prepared to assist you if needed. The Buddy will be able to read the item, but will not have editing abilities.

Including an Article in Critical Stuff

Please read this section to learn about Critical stuff

Assigning an Article to a To-Do Item

By selecting Add an Article to an To-Do item from the Detail page, articles can also be assigned to pertinent To-Do items for your organization. The article could be a reference for the person assigned to the task, like an article about cloud storage from the Public Library for a To-Do task related to backing up your servers. It could also be specific to the task itself, like linking your organizational chart to the To-Do that discusses organizational charts. Articles assigned in this manner will be visible on the appropriate To-Do’s Detail page.

NOTICE: Both the Library and Critical Stuff features of ArtsReady were designed to promote preparedness and help develop your organizational plan. They are not for a backup of all of your digital files. The Technology section will guide you through setting up such full system backups. Those abusing the Library or Critical Stuff features will be in breach of contract and may lose ArtsReady privileges without refund, notification, or re-entry ability. Please review our Terms of Use for more information.

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