Help: Dashboard, Settings, and Billing


Each organization has its own Dashboard to provide a snapshot of everything ArtsReady.

In the information bar on the right you can:
• Access your Crisis Mode button should you need to Declare a Crisis. NOTE: If you have not joined the Battle Buddy Network, you will see a “Join the Battle Buddy Network” hyperlink.
• See the progress bars letting you know how far along you are in your Assessment and To-do Items
• See if another organization has declared a crisis, or if everything is all right, you’ll see “All ArtsReady members are doing great!”
• Find links to the latest Featured Library article

In the center you will see
• Our Most Urgent To-Dos:— listing To-Do Items resulting from your assessment that are due for completion. To learn more about the item presented here, click on the hyperlink to go to the To-Do Detail page.
• Critical Stuff links for the “People”, “Technology”, and “Finance and Insurance” critical functions

If you are a manager or executive team member at your organization, at the top of the Dashboard, just below “Your Dashboard” you will see a phrase and hyperlink similar to this “Your account will expire on June 25, 2013. Visit Billing”. The date is one year from your last payment to ArtsReady for your subscription. The link leads to your billing information under Settings.
Above the navigation tabs, you will find Settings which allows you to control various aspects of your organization’s set up.

First Log in and ArtsReady Set Up

The first couple times you visit your ArtsReady Dashboard you will have three vital tasks to perform.

STEP 1: Assessment
When you first log in, the green button labeled “Get Started!” will lead you to the Assessment. The Assessment will have you consider your organization’s readiness level for each relevant critical function. The Assessmentt was designed for a high level member of your organization and should take about an hour to complete. It can also be accessed by selecting the “Assess” tab at the top of the Dashboard.

After your first login, the green button will say “Continue.” It will still lead to the Assessment until your organization has started the task. Thereafter, the green button will lead you to your To-Do List.

STEP 2: Add a Second User
On the bottom left of your Dashboard, you will see a section titled “Most Urgent To-Dos.” This will list To-do Items that are due for your organization’s execution. There, before you complete any other aspect of the platform you will see an Item prompting you to add the second user.
ArtsReady requires that each organization add at least one additional team member in case the primary account holder becomes unavailable. This ensures that an organization’s plan is always accessible to its staff.

To add additional team members:
1. Go to “Settings” using the button on the top right
2. Select the tab “Our Team”
3. In the field at the bottom of the page, fill in the first name, last name, and email address for your team member.
4. Select the team member’s “role.” Please note that there should be at least two managers per organization.
5. Hit the green “Add” button
6. The new team member will get an automatic email welcoming them to ArtsReady with the ability to set up a password.

Once the second user has been added you can go back to the Dashboard, click the hyperlink for the To-Do, and go to “Edit To-Do”. There you can mark it “Completed” ”by checking the box on the top right side of the page.

Please be sure to add a second user right away or risk having your account frozen.

STEP 3: Join the Battle Buddy Network
The Battle Buddy Network will help you create reciprocal relationships with other arts organizations in ArtsReady to help each other in times of crisis. Joining the Network is fast, easy and vital to truly creating a readiness plan. On the right side of the Dashboard you will see a red link “Join the Battle Buddy Network.” Click the link! This will lead you to your Settings (also visible on the top right of the screen). You will be under the tab “Organization.” Select the checkbox at the bottom of the profile to join Battle Buddies.


At the top of page three tabs will always be visible: My Info, Organization, and Our Team.
A fourth tab will only be visible for executive and manager level users: Billing
Two additional tabs will appear to all users at your organization when they are applicable: Previous Crises and Completed Assessments.

My Info displays your individual user’s information. This is where you can change your registered email address, position title, and reset your password.

Similar to My Info, the Organization tab allows your organization’s primary contact information to be updated along with your organizations physical address, city, state, zip code, email address, phone number and primary point of contact. Also, on this page your organization can choose to Join the Battle Buddy Network. The primary contact listed under the Organization tab is the one whose information will appear publicly with your Battle Buddy profile. If you edit any part of the Organization tab, select the red “Save Setting” button to retain changes.

By selecting the Our Team tab, you can view all of the members of your organization’s ArtsReady team. You can also track the login activities of current users, and see each person’s designation in the system. The possible roles are:

Reader: can participate in the To-Do Items assignments and can read private articles in your organization’s Library, but cannot upload or edit articles; does not have any access to Executive level articles in the Library.

Editor: has the same privileges as the reader but can also upload and edit articles to the Library.

Executive: reserved for the high level members of the organization, like your executive directors or chief financial officers. These individuals can see Executive level files in your private Library (a security setting for your most sensitive information), and can access your account Billing.

Managers: have full control and access to all levels of your ArtsReady plan and account.

Managers at your organization can add a user by filling in the fields located at the bottom of the screen. They can also reset passwords by choosing the red button beside a profile name, or disable a user by selecting the grey and red button.

The Previous Crisis tab provides a list of previous Crisis Consoles. Here you can review the type of crisis you organization experienced, and communications with Battle Buddy’s that provided you with assistance. To view details about the crisis, click the hyperlink for the appropriate date. If your organization has never declared a crisis, this tab will not appear.

Completed Assessments appears when your organization has started a new assessment, thereby archiving a previous one. Here you can find downloadable csv files of prior assessments that show how your organization answered each critical function’s assessment statements in terms of their priority and preparedness level in earlier years with ArtsReady. Completed assessments are sorted by their beginning and completion dates.


Billing can be accessed through a tab under Settings, or by clicking the “Visit Billing” hyperlink on the Dashboard. It is only accessible and visible to members of your ArtsReady team who are managers or executives.

On the Billing page you see your first billing date (the date on which your organization last subscribed to the billing system in ArtsReady). You also see the number of days you are away from your next subscription payment for ArtsReady services.

Beneath that you will find the:
• “Billed to” name and address which corresponds to the information for your billing account holder
• The last four digits of the bank account or credit card used to make the payment
• The next billing amount which will be deducted from the account detailed above.

The next deduction will be made on the date that appears on your Dashboard and will come from the account detailed in the information above. For security purposes, ArtsReady does not store complete account numbers so cannot share more information with you about the account than what is detailed above.

NOTE: If the last four digits of your account read “0027” then you have not yet set up your billing profile in our new payment system. Please add appropriate billing information prior to your next deduction, so access to your ArtsReady account is not disrupted.

The “Update Billing/Payment Information” link at the bottom of the page leads to Edit Billing Information. Here you can change the account or credit card information for your next subscription deduction. A deduction will not occur from your account until that time. You will be billed the amount that appears on the Dashboard. You cannot change your payment type from credit card to bank account (or vice versa) through this feature. To make such a change, please contact ArtsReady directly.

You can also utilize the Edit Billing Information page to apply a new discount code to your subscription if you have received a subsidy for ArtsReady. Applying a new code will restart your subscription (this includes changing the date you joined noted above), but will not alter any other part of the account. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively, and will go into effect until your organization’s next payment is made

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