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Beginning your Assessment

The Assessment was designed to analyze your level of readiness for each of the critical functions of your organization. Each statement will guide you into considering how a certain element affects what you do and how vital it is to the overall workings of your business. By thinking about each aspect of your critical functions, your organization can determine what needs to be better protected should the unexpected arise. Before you begin the assessment you will have the option to opt-out of assessing up to six of the nine critical functions that may not apply to your business while the first three critical functions (People Resources, Finances and Insurance and Technology) are required. You can also export the Assessment to a .csv file in order to review or edit any part of the assessment offline or simply to share with other team members.

The Assessment should be completed by a high level member of the organization who understands each part of what you do (like the Director, President, or CEO).

It should only take an hour, ideally completed in one sitting.

The Assessment in Progress

You are prompted to consider your readiness by responding to a series of statements noting your organizations level of preparedness and its priority to your ability to operate. For insights on how to answer these statements, simply move your mouse over the “Learn more about this topic” section to the right of the statement, to reveal additional statements explaining the readiness statement and links to examples.

The Preparedness choices are:
Ready Select ready if the statement is true, and you are sure the item is up-to-date.
Not ready This means that the item has not been considered or safeguarded.
Needs work This option is ideal if you have taken some steps toward achieving the statement, but the plans you’ve made could use updating or revisiting.
Unknown Choose unknown if you aren’t sure what the statement is asking, or if you truly don’t know your readiness status. You’ll be able to study the topic to learn more and decide its importance to your organization later when you see this item on your To-Do list.
The Priority levels are:
Critical This means that the statement relates to something vital to what you do.
Non-critical The statement may relate to a necessary part of your functioning, but it is not completely vital to your organization.

If the statement is irrelevant to your organization or not important, choose “not applicable” to the left. To revisit a statement, select the “reconsider” button after it has been grayed out.

As you complete the Assessment the ArtsReady system will automatically create a To-Do list for your organization, so you can create your readiness plan. As you are running through the statements, if you think of something that we missed, you can add your own To-Do or note at the bottom of each section. Using the “Add Another Item.” Feature, you add a new item by completing all the fields and clicking the green “add” button once all your fields have been adjusted. You can sort the item based on the Critical Function it relates to. To learn more about the other fields for “Add another item” read the section titled To Do List.

Learn More

To the right of each Assessment Statement you will see a Learn More bubble. This describes the statement in a little more detail and in most cases provides links to related resources in the Library. As you are doing the Assessment you are welcome to explore this additional information or you can elect to do further research once you are in your To-Do Items. The Learn More information and its links appear there as well.

After the Assessment

Following the completion of your final assessment question you can scroll to the bottom of that section and below the “add another item” section you will see the “View To-Do List” hyperlink to the right. By selecting this link you will be taken to your To Do List, where you can to start looking over your To-Do Items and assigning tasks to your ArtsReady team members (remember to visit you Settings to add or update members as needed).


One year from the completion of an Assessment, the manager(s) of your account will automatically be prompted to re-assess your organization’s readiness through an automatic To-Do Item. To re-assess simply visit the “Assess” tab from your Dashboard. On the Assessment page at the upper left side of your screen you will see a red and white “Archive and Re-Assess” button. By selecting this button you will reset your Assessment, so you can move through it from the beginning, reevaluating your organization’s readiness planning. By annually performing a re-assessment of your organization you can make sure that your readiness plan remains up-to-date and thorough, and you can account for any changes your organization may have undergone in the past year.

You can access copies of your organization’s completed assessments from previous years by visiting “Settings” and selecting the “Completed Assessment” tab. This section will only appear once your organization has finished and archived an assessment, and will be visible to all of your ArtsReady team members. Select the “Download Assessment Button” to gain access to a csv file containing the assessment statements, readiness level, and priority of each item.

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