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For Basic Members:

Basic Members receive the ArtsReady newsletter, ArtsReady alerts, and pertinent email communications to keep them abreast of advances in readiness, and to inform them of issues that may affect their region. Basic Members are welcome to utilize the public ArtsReady Library to find resources and assistance related to their planning. They can also explore the various Useful Links on the ArtsReady site which includes response and recovery resources that can be critical following an emergency. However, Basic Members cannot submit articles to the Library or make comments on the ones other organizations have added. To make a contribution to the Library we invite Basic Members to upgrade to a Premium Membership.

For Premium Members:

More in depth instructions for our Premium Members are provided through a series of Help pages. This platform was designed to help organizations create and maintain a comprehensive readiness plan based on your core organizational, or critical, functions. These pages offer guidance as Premium Members navigate ArtsReady.

About the ArtsReady Critical Functions

The critical functions encountered throughout the ArtsReady platform were designated after two years of research in the arts community members. Those critical functions are:

People Resources — The staff, volunteers, members, and visitors of the organization.
Technology — The computers, data storage, internet and software used every day.
Finances & Insurance — The funds, bank accounts, and policies, and how they are accessed.
Productions — The shows and events created at or presented by an organization.
Ticketing & Messaging — Public communications, and the box office or sales to public.
Facilities — The space, rented or owned, where an organization is located or holds its activities.
Programs — The classes, workshops, and projects of an organization and their priority.
Grantmaking — The funding sources, the awardees, and the way a grant program works.
Exhibits — The inventory, the transport, and the handling of the precious objects facilitated for display.

The first three functions are mandatory for each organization. The remaining six are optional depending on the type of organization being considered. Though the ArtsReady program is malleable and generalist, it was designed primarily for presenting and producing organizations that provide public programming, including but not limited to performances, exhibitions, readings, screenings, festivals, and workshops. In considering the above functions most organizations will be able to create a plan that safeguards every aspect of their daily activities.

The Help Series

Find out about each of the major components to the ArtsReady tool by following these links…

Help for the Dashboard and Settings
Help for the Assessment
Help for the To-Dos
Help for the Critical Stuff and Library
Help for the Battle Buddy Network and Declaring a Crisis

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