Association of Performing Arts Professionals gets ArtsReady

“Readiness planning should be a common practice for arts organizations. I hope every presenter will soon have a readiness plan to protect artists, audiences and facilities and to ensure the organization can bounce back quickly after a crisis. ArtsReady can help make that happen.”
- Mario Garcia Durham, President and CEO

The Association of Performing Arts Professionals has partnered with ArtsReady to bring the ArtsReady online business continuity, readiness and sustainability planning tool to its members at a 50% discount.

Arts Professionals’ member organizations can join ArtsReady for just $150 for their first year. Artists/companies represented by Arts Professionals members can join ArtsReady at no cost for their first year.

Watch a five-minute tour of the ArtsReady online tour go here for text version.

ArtsReady bolsters your sustainability with features including risk assessment, a self-paced action plan, cloud-based critical data storage, and a Battle Buddy Network for proxy support from other arts organizations, and more. Get your readiness plan started today: APAP member organizations use discount code apap15 when you enroll.

Take this critical leadership step today. Join ArtsReady. Encourage your artists and companies to join. Keep your doors open. No matter what.

ArtsReady is a
national initiative of:

South Arts