South Arts is Serious About Readiness Planning

ArtsReady understands that grants are vital to the financial strength of your organization. But the resilience of your entire operation is vital too! What will you do if an anticipated grant is not funded, if your ticketing system goes down, if a performer doesn’t arrive, or if an entire show is cancelled?

South Arts, founder of ArtsReady, is committed to making business continuity planning a priority in the industry, and encourages arts organizations to develop and maintain comprehensive readiness plans. To be eligible for a South Arts grant this year (2016-2017) organizations must submit a two-page description of their readiness plan.

Readiness planning was first incorporated into the South Arts grant application process during the 2012/2013 year – when we simply asked if organizations had a readiness plan. No points were given at that time – South Arts simply took note of the answers and provided organizations with information about the importance of readiness planning. Additional elements have been built in every year since, and now five years later readiness planning is fully incorporated into the South Arts Grant application process! The quality of organizations’ readiness plan descriptions will be worth up to five points of their entire application’s score.

- Learn more about how readiness planning will impact the 2016-2017 South Arts grant application
- Know the fundamentals of comprehensive readiness plan


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