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An ArtsReady Basic Membership gets you on the list to receive critical preparedness and recovery tips when natural disasters hit your region.

In early October 2015 the Carolinas were faced with an onslaught of extraordinary rainfall combined with Hurricane Joaquin centered just off its shores. Based on all weather reports, historic flooding was inevitable. ArtsReady immediately launched an Alert to the east coast region – giving special warning of threats to the Carolinas. All ArtsReady members located in the region received the Alert two days prior to major destruction taking effect. The Alert provided tips on event cancellation and protection of valuables, such as the elevation and removal of artwork and equipment. The Alert also prompted organizations to understand their insurance coverage, and to make sure a staff, board, and volunteer contact list was up-to-date and accessible offsite. Many arts organizations in the Carolinas have thanked ArtsReady for our involvement. (see alert)

Weather alerts are a tough call to make. The ArtsReady Team is very conscious of not wanting to make false alarms, while fulfilling our responsibility to our Members. Our protocol is to generate an ArtsReady Alert if FEMA has given notice of an oncoming event that will produce significant damage, and if at least three states are forecast to be affected. If, however, an expected storm veers off track and misses the predicted region – the ArtsReady Alert and the tips it provides are still valuable for future reference.

In addition to ArtsReady Alerts, ArtsReady Members also receive Response and Recovery tips following natural or man-made disasters. These Alerts focus on guiding affected organizations towards resources that will aid in their speedy recovery.

All ArtsReady Alerts are posted on the ArtsReady and South Arts social media accounts and the ArtsReady website. However, instant notification of an ArtsReady Alert is highly recommended – and the only way to get it is to become, at minimum, an ArtsReady Basic Member. It’s free and takes just one minute to sign up!


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