Create your arts organization's business

continuity plan, because the

unexpected, won't-happen-to-me,

actually does happen.

A readiness plan is a combination of

documents, processes, policies, and

trainings/drills to build your

organization’s sustainability
and resilience.

Be ArtsReady.

Why do readiness planning?

To be able to get up and running after crisis.

To protect community and cultural assets.

To demonstrate sustainability to funders and stakeholders.

To be prepared for any type of crisis, whether within your own organization or facility, in your local area, or a widespread disaster.

What is ArtsReady?

ArtsReady, an online emergency preparedness service by and for arts/cultural nonprofits, provides arts organizations with customized readiness plans for business continuity and post-crisis sustainability. ArtsReady 2.0 is being rolled out in two phases:


Pocket Response Resource: Available now, this free customizable emergency document puts critical emergency information in the pocket (or device) of staff, crew and volunteers, ensuring immediate access to information they’ll need in the first minutes and hours of any type of emergency. Download your customizable template and instructions here.


Online Planning Tool: Rolling out in 2021, this updated online tool provides a readiness assessment, guidance on updating/creating your readiness plan, and Guides and Resources to use and adapt for your organization’s customized plan. Your information will be securely stored, and you will be able to generate reports, training documents, templates, plan elements and more. Designed as an annual subscription, fee waivers for the first year will be offered.


ArtsReady 2.0 also offers Guides and Resources, an evolving inventory of publications, examples, and free resources to make sure you have access to current information to incorporate into your planning.

Federal Stimulus Assistance for the Arts


National Endowment for the Arts American Rescue Plan Grants - Update 9/17/21

If your organization received a Part 2 extension, and were still unable to meet the September 19th deadline due to weather-related difficulties, you may be able to request a further extension. 

See more details here.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program


This is a special notice from the National Endowment for the Arts.


The arts and culture sector was hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with high unemployment rates for artists and members of the creative industries. Many in our sector are experiencing housing insecurity and challenges with mortgages or paying the rent. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has and will continue to work to get information out to the creative community to assist in their effort to recover and rebuild.


President Biden is committed to assisting homeowners and renters and preventing a wave of evictions once the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) eviction moratorium expires on August 1st. American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding of $21.6 billion in emergency rental and mortgage assistance is available through state and local programs.


The NEA wants to ensure that artists and arts organizations are aware of the existing resources through the Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program, and how they can best be used to keep people in their homes. We believe this could provide real aid to members of the arts and creative industries during this very challenging time.


Arts practitioners and artists who have been experiencing housing instability, or are having trouble making rent or mortgage payments as a result of the coronavirus pandemic should know that they are not alone. Federal, state, and local governments are offering help with housing expenses and avoiding eviction. Information is available at the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s mortgage and housing assistance site on available resources.


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NEW: FEMA Funding for COVID-Related Safety Expenses - Retroactive

FEMA is now providing retroactive reimbursement for safe opening and operation costs incurred to address COVID safety for expenses incurred from Jan. 20, 2020, through Dec. 31, 2021. Eligible private nonprofits can apply. Reimbursement is exclusive to COVID-19 emergency and major disaster declarations through FEMA’s Public Assistance program. Items that may be eligible for reimbursement include face coverings, Personal Protective Equipment, cleaning and disinfection, COVID-19 diagnostic testing, screening and temperature scanning and portable temporary physical barriers for social distancing. For more information, see COVID-19 Pandemic Safe Opening and Operation Work Eligible for Public Assistance Interim Policy (Version 2).9.8.21 Signed ( Questions should be directed to a state’s FEMA regional office.


ArtsReady works in partnership with these organizations to provide free resources and training for arts organizations and artists to increase their readiness, as well as respond and recover from crises.

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