Create your arts organization's business continuity plan, because the unexpected, won't-happen-to-me,
I-don't-want-to-think-about-it actually does happen.

A readiness plan is a combination of documents, processes, policies, and trainings/drills to build your organization’s sustainability
and resilience.

Be ArtsReady.

What is ArtsReady?

ArtsReady, an online emergency preparedness service by and for arts/cultural nonprofits, provides arts organizations with customized readiness plans for business continuity and post-crisis sustainability. ArtsReady 2.0 is being rolled out in two phases:

Pocket Response Resource: Available now, this free customizable emergency document puts critical emergency information in the pocket (or device) of staff, crew and volunteers, ensuring immediate access to information they’ll need in the first minutes and hours of any type of emergency. Download your customizable template and instructions here.

Online Planning Tool: Rolling out in 2021, this updated online tool provides a readiness assessment, guidance on updating/creating your readiness plan, and Guides and Resources to use and adapt for your organization’s customized plan. Your information will be securely stored, and you will be able to generate reports, training documents, templates, plan elements and more. Designed as an annual subscription, fee waivers for the first year will be offered.

Updated dPlan/ArtsReady 2.0 information here!

ArtsReady 2.0 also offers Guides and Resources, an evolving inventory of publications, examples, and free resources to make sure you have access to current information to incorporate into your planning.

Why do readiness planning?

  • To be able to get up and running after crisis.
  • To protect community and cultural assets.
  • To demonstrate sustainability to funders and stakeholders.
  • To be prepared for any type of crisis, whether within your own organization or facility, in your local area, or a widespread disaster.

Federal Stimulus Assistance for the Arts

Shuttered Venue Opportunity Grants

We thank our colleagues at Americans for the Arts and the Arts Action Fund for their ongoing advocacy for, and information about, the Shuttered Venues Opportunity Grant. Visit their SVOG Update page.

Federal emergency grants for eligible arts and cultural venues are available through the Small Business Administration. Eligible entities include:

New Event Reopening Guide

NIVA and The Event Safety Alliance Announce the free Safe in Sound: A Reopening Checklist for the Live Entertainment Industry.

Plan for 2021 Hurricane Season

View the webinar Learn How to Prepare Your Building and Collections for the 2021 hurricane season.

Announcing the free Pocket Response Resource

ArtsReady and the Performing Arts Readiness project have released the Pocket Response Resource (“PRR”). The PRR is a free document which prompts organizations to collect critical contact information on one side, and critical action steps such as evacuation, crisis communications, situational assessment, and prioritizing assets to be protected or salvaged on the other. It neatly folds down into a credit card-sized document piece for all staff, crew and volunteers to carry on their person – or have available to view on a device – so they have immediate access to information they’ll need in the first minutes and hours of any type of emergency. Download the PRR and Instructions here.

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ArtsReady works in partnership with these organizations to provide free resources and training for arts organizations and artists to increase their readiness, as well as respond and recover from crises.

ArtsReady is a
national initiative of:

South Arts