Create your arts organization's business continuity plan, because the unexpected, won't-happen-to-me,
I-don't-want-to-think-about-it actually does happen.

Be ArtsReady.

What is ArtsReady?

ArtsReady, an online emergency preparedness service by and for arts/cultural nonprofits, provides arts organizations with customized business continuity plans for post-crisis sustainability. Learn More.

Why do readiness planning?

  • To protect community and cultural assets.
  • To demonstrate sustainability to investors.
  • To show mitigated risk to insurance companies.
  • To be able to get up and running after crisis.

June 1 is the start of Hurricane Season

Subtropical Storm Alberto has already visited the Gulf and East coasts. As weather trends change and intensify, it’s even more important to be ready for any unexpected event. In 2017, ArtsReady and its partner organizations helped respond to artists and arts organizations impacted by three major hurricanes, wildfires in the west, and numerous crises affecting individual artists and arts organizations.

Whether or not you are located in a hurricane-prone area, take this opportunity to take a few steps in June to create, update or expand your organization’s readiness plan. And you don’t have to do it alone! A growing number of resources are available to assist you. View our June Newsletter for resources including:

Safe Facility Shutdowns

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Attend Performing Arts Readiness Project webinars and learn about grant opportunities

Watch for the rollout of ArtsReady 2.0!

Artists: Preserving Your Legacy

ArtsReady, CERF+, NCAPER, PAR - what’s with all these acronyms?

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