Create your arts organization's business continuity plan, because the unexpected, won't-happen-to-me,
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What is ArtsReady?

ArtsReady, an online emergency preparedness service by and for arts/cultural nonprofits, provides arts organizations with customized business continuity plans for post-crisis sustainability. Learn More.

Why do readiness planning?

  • To protect community and cultural assets.
  • To demonstrate sustainability to stakeholders.
  • To be able to get up and running after crisis.

Federal Stimulus Bill Includes Assistance for Arts and Culture

Congress has passed a large funding bill that provides federal agencies with their appropriations for the remainder of fiscal year 2021, as well as more than $900 billion in emergency aid to support communities and individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The legislation provides $167.5 million for the National Endowment for the Arts, an increase of $5 million over the agency's FY2020 funding level.

Among the many measures in the bill designed to assist the nation with the continued challenges caused by COVID-19 is some direct aid to the arts industry: $15 billion for venues, independent movie theaters and cultural institutions, a provision known as the Save our Stages Act. This Act:

  • Authorizes $15 billion for the Small Business Administration (SBA) to make grants to eligible live venue operators or promoters, theatrical producers, live performing arts organization operators, museum operators, motion picture theatre operators, or talent representatives who demonstrate a 25 percent reduction in revenues.
  • Includes a set-aside of $2 billion for eligible entities that employ not more than 50 full-time employees, and any amounts from this set-aside remaining after sixty days from the date of implementation of this program shall become available to all eligible applicants under this section.
  • The SBA may make an initial grant of up to $10 million dollars to an eligible person or entity and a supplemental grant that is equal to 50 percent of the initial grant.
  • In the initial 14-day period of implementation of the program, grants shall only be awarded to eligible entities that have faced 90 percent or greater revenue loss. In the 14-day period following the initial 14-day period, grants shall only be awarded to eligible entities that have faced 70 percent or greater revenue loss. After these two periods, grants shall be awarded to all other eligible entities.
  • Such grants shall be used for specified expenses such as payroll costs, rent, utilities, and personal protective equipment.
  • A statement from the National Independent Venues Association, organizer of the Save our Stages movement, describes their process and next steps for the field.

    The relief bill also extends federal support for unemployment benefits for 11 weeks, and includes a new provision to help individuals with a mixture of W-2 and gig earnings to qualify for more unemployment relief. This will be significant for many artists whose benefits were limited under previous Pandemic Unemployment Assistance rules.

    Other components of the legislation include direct economic relief payments to many individuals, more funding for Economic Injury Disaster Loans and an additional $275 billion for Paycheck Protection Program loans for small businesses (including nonprofits).

    Announcing the free Pocket Response Resource

    ArtsReady and the Performing Arts Readiness project have released the Pocket Response Resource (“PRR”). The PRR is a free document which prompts organizations to collect critical contact information on one side, and critical action steps such as evacuation, crisis communications, situational assessment, and prioritizing assets to be protected or salvaged on the other. It neatly folds down into a credit card-sized document piece for all staff, crew and volunteers to carry on their person – or have available to view on a device – so they have immediate access to information they’ll need in the first minutes and hours of any type of emergency. Download the PRR and Instructions here. More information here.

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    The Performing Arts Readiness Project offers free webinars: offerings in early 2021 include Risk Assessment, Business Continuity, Health and Safety, and Crisis Communications and Reputation Management. Learn more.

    South Arts Statement on Racial Equity

    ArtsReady is a national initiative of South Arts. As our communities process the repeated impacts of COVID-19 and the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless other Black Americans, South Arts stands in solidarity with those in grief, mourning and frustration. These killings must stop, and the systemic issues that perpetuate these atrocities must be addressed. Please read our complete Statement on Racial Equity.

    COVID-19 and the Arts Community

    The arts community’s response to the COVID-19 public health crisis has been collaborative and in solidarity. Here we offer updated resources to help you operate within an unknown and constantly-changing environment, for artists, managers/agents, funders, and arts organizations.

    All decisions should be made with the advice of, and within the context of, your local public health and other governmental officials. The

    The CDC also offers advice for your home, workplace and arts venues.

    These sites maintain updated lists of upcoming and recorded webinars related to COVID-19, the CARES Act, and other crisis resources for the arts:

     - APAP maintains a list of COVID-19 Webinars and Events
     - Performing Arts Readiness maintains a list of upcoming webinars

     - CERF+: The Artist's Safety Net
     - American Alliance for Museums: Information for the Museum Field on the COVID-19/Coronavirus
     - APAP: COVID-19 Resources

    Additional Information and Resources

    CERF+ offers the new Studio Safety Guide, in addition to its longstanding resource The Studio Protector. Learn more!

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