Create your arts organization's business continuity plan, because the unexpected, won't-happen-to-me,
I-don't-want-to-think-about-it actually does happen.

Be ArtsReady.

What is ArtsReady?

ArtsReady is a web-based emergency preparedness platform designed to provide arts and cultural organizations with customized business continuity plans for post crisis sustainability. Learn More.

Why do readiness planning?

  • To protect community and cultural assets.
  • To demonstrate sustainability to investors.
  • To show mitigated risk to insurance companies.
  • To be able to get up and running after crisis.

A journey of a thousand miles...

An ArtsReady step a week, or even a step a month, means you’ll be that much more prepared in a year. September is National Preparedness Month. National Preparedness Month (NPM), established by FEMA in 2004, encourages you to prepare for emergencies in your home and business. One of NPM’s main focuses is on your organizations’ buoyancy after a crisis - advocating preparation as your best practice.

ArtsReady offers these four fairly simple, straightforward elements you can implement to make your staff, visitors and venue safer and more secure. Try to implement one or more of these in the next month!

#1 – Don’t think it can’t happen to you! You may not be in a hurricane zone or flood plain, but we bet you have a toilet. And it can do some wicked damage, as it did to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. ArtsReady’s primary principle is “all hazards planning.” Don’t plan for the type of crisis – plan to protect your most precious assets and operations from any type of crisis. Read more…

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